1.The IJRMRE follows the process to select and publish, through peer review, the highest quality research papers in Mechanical & Robotics Engineering.

2.When an Author submits a manuscript to IJRMRE, the manuscript must be an original work done by the authors.

3.The paper must not have been previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

4.Entire content in the paper should be free of any plagiarism.

5.Author(s) should properly cite the work they are referring; authors are advised to cross check the reference before submission of manuscript.

6.Author(s) have the ultimate responsibility for all materials/content included in a paper submitted to IJRMRE.

7.Author(s) should verify their papers for possible breaches of copyright law and get the required permissions before submission.

8.Editors of IJRMRE have the responsibility to evaluate papers only on their scholarly merits. Editors should work without individual or philosophical favoritism.

9.Editors, Reviewers, Designers and other staff shall not disclose information about a paper to anyone other than Authors.

10.Reviewers must assess papers impartially, objectively and professionally.